My name is Freddy Bunk and I joined Zalaris in September 2018 as a trainee for the position as Team Manager

After living in Chicago, USA for 24 years, I moved back to Harstad, Norway with my family in May 2018. One of my degrees that I took in Chicago was in Human Resource Management. I worked as branch manager for a logistics company in Chicago and part of my duties were payroll for employees at my branch and making sure we were in compliance with employment laws and regulations. This is what attracted me to apply for a position at Zalaris. I thought this would be an excellent opportunity to learn the process of payroll in Norway along with Norwegian laws and regulations related to HR functions.  I was also attracted to Zalaris for the fact that a global and aggressive company had their main operations office in the small, but wonderful region of Lødingen in North Norway. To me that said a lot about Zalaris. 

No day is the same at the office. Some days I am amazed at the issues and problems that can come from payroll and at the same time amazed at the amount of knowledge fellow employees have and the patience and resolve they have to fix issues and problems. I am very involved in daily operations and interactions with clients as this is what I enjoy doing and it is the best way to learn. I have a wonderful team that lets me spend a lot of time working on tickets and performing all the roles and responsibilities of  a SDM for a couple of clients.  My roles have changed quite a bit over time: I have gone from being in training and  kind of an observer, to becoming SDM and eventually Team Manager.  I love the fact that Zalaris gives quite a bit of handling room to managers which empowers them to be able to make decisions on their own and handle their teams independently. This allows for quite a bit of room for not only personal growth, but also to form better and more effective teams.

Zalaris is a great company to work for because there is always something new happening.  We are an aggressive company that is working hard to be in the forefront with new solutions and tools for both clients and employees. The best part of being a team Zalaris member is the great colleagues, they are very warm and welcoming to new employees. My colleagues were very patient with me in training and always very open to the tons of questions I have had since the beginning, and still continue have to this day!

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Key Account Manager (KAM)
Key Account Manager (KAM) Copenhagen, DK 23-Oct-2021
Copenhagen, DK
Service Delivery Manager
Service Delivery Manager Copenhagen, DK 23-Oct-2021
Copenhagen, DK
Senior Process Administrator
Senior Process Administrator Chennai, IN 19-Oct-2021
Chennai, IN
Swedish speaking Junior Payroll Administrator Riga, LV
Finnish speaking Junior Payroll Administrator Riga, LV
Norwegian speaking Junior Payroll Administrator Riga, LV
Danish speaking Junior Payroll Administrator Riga, LV
Service Delivery Manager
Service Delivery Manager Stockholm, SE 11-Oct-2021
Stockholm, SE