"I love the diversity of working as a consultant. Every day I am in contact with different customers, processes, and even different cultures."

"Some days I am amazed at the issues and problems that can come from payroll and at the same time amazed at the amount of knowledge fellow employees have and the patience and resolve they have to fix issues and problems."

"Even if you think you have achieved everything, there is always room for professional growth at Zalaris. There will always be a next step - when you are ready to take it."

Our values align to our mission:

To simplify work lives and empower our customers with useful information so that they can invest in their people to achieve more. Our values bind us together as one company as they shape the way we behave towards each other, our customers and our partners across the markets we serve.

Everyone Matters

We believe that no one person is better than another. Everyone matters and what you do matters to everyone. Accordingly we have a low hierarchy structure across our organisation.

Aiming High

We dare to aim high! #bestingmyself is everyone's motto because we give the best version of ourselves to the team.

Team Spirit

We believe that the best results are achieved not by being the best in the team but by bringing the best out of your team and supporting each other across the finish line.